About Us

Noour Inc.

Noour Inc. is one of the largest growers, packers and importers of the finest Algerian organic and conventional Deglet Noor dates. 

Our headquarters and marketing office are located in Huntington Beach California, and its Deglet farms and packing houses are located in the beautiful and thriving city of Biskra in the Algerian Sahara.

Our Products

Our extensive product line includes pitted dates, date paste, date sugar and date syrup. We offer a wide range of packaging including bulk, cups and pouches.

Our Passion

With passion and knowledge, we select the best Deglet Noor dates, reputed for taste and translucent color, obtained from the best origins, and filled with the sun of the Algerian Sahara.

Our quality seal bears witness to the care we devote. We search for the best dates and maintain their good quality until their final destination, thanks to our storage condition controls.